Sponsorship Information

Greetings from Tennessee Ice Hockey! Allow me to introduce you to the fastest sport played at the University of Tennessee. The Tennessee Ice Vols are entering their 50th season of intercollegiate play in 2016-2017. The Ice Vols are members of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) a group of over 350 collegiate hockey programs from across the nation. We play in the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference against other traditional Southeastern Conference schools such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Florida in addition to major universities across the nation like Kentucky, Louisville, Florida State, Georgia Tech, South Florida, Central Florida, and Texas.

Despite our success, as a non-varsity sport the Tennessee Hockey program does not receive ANY funding from the UT Athletic Department. All of our funding comes from player dues, merchandise sales, ticket revenue, and most importantly—sponsorships! The growing exposure our team is enjoying can provide new and exciting opportunities for your company.

As a team sponsor, you can choose to have your name and logo shown on team marketing media, in our official team program/media guide, or even on our jerseys! All of our sponsors have their logo and a link to your website placed on our award-winning website, www.icevols.com, which has registered over 250,000 hits since its launch. With any of the following opportunities, you can count on your company receiving maximum recognition as an official Tennessee Hockey sponsor.

We appreciate the opportunity to bring your company into the Tennessee Hockey family. You can contact us directly via phone or email us to learn more about the program, or further discuss your partnership opportunities.

Georgia  9-0 18 19-3-0
   5-4  10  15-7-0
   7-2  14  25-4-0
 Vanderbilt  5-4  10  16-8-0
 SouthCarolina  3-4  6  9-12-0
   4-4  8  8-9-0
 OleMiss  2-4  4  8-11-0
LSU   2-6  4  5-11-0
 Tennessee  0-5  0  6-18-1
 MississippiState  0-6  0  2-11-0
By rule, a shootout W/L ends in an ACHA Tie